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Mexican wind god temple unearthed in the foundations supermarkets

The archeologists have found a round sanctuary in 650 years of the Mexican capital Mexico City, the Guardian announced Monday 30/11. Exhuming locales were found two years back, after a store worked between the twentieth...

Find robot helps sustain life for heart failure

Thumping human heart turns, comparable movement when pressed towel. To recreate this recurrent development, the researchers created two programmed silicone tube. A movement concentric tubes, channels winding movement left. The hardware is intended to slide...

Explaining the phenomenon of fire rainbow

Rainbow Fire (Circumhorizontal circular segment) is brilliant radiance showed up over the sky, otherwise called bend circumhorizontal. As was found in the sky, bright corona looks about indistinguishable rainbow. Be that as it may,...

Austrian chancellor calls for EU-wide ban on Turkish campaigning

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern on Sunday required an European broad restriction on crusade appearances by Turkish legislators to abstain from having singular part nations like Germany go under weight from Ankara. Turkey said on Saturday...