The archeologists have found a round sanctuary in 650 years of the Mexican capital Mexico City, the Guardian announced Monday 30/11.

Exhuming locales were found two years back, after a store worked between the twentieth century was pulverized.


“The first archeologists uncovered numerous ceramics parts and human remains”, Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava, organizer of the Institute of History and Anthropology in Mexico, said.

When burrowing further, they all of a sudden found the ground of the sanctuary indirect 10 meters in breadth and one meter higher. A significant part of the first white stucco sanctuaries still in place. What’s more, the archeological group likewise gathered many blessings, including the bones of winged animals, volcanic glass, thorny prickly plant, monkey statues and clay platypus.

“This is where the wind Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl venerate. The discoveries will give data about how individuals Tlatelolco, Mexico worshiped a lord of their significance,” Sánchez said.