Shooting star collided with the Earth’s air and detonated in the Nubian betray, Sudan, 2008. This is the primary space rock to be found and observed before tumbling to Earth. It was named Almahata Sitta.

As indicated by BBC, the precious stone was found in the flotsam and jetsam was recouped. This is the shooting star contains the biggest jewel ever and don’t shape the ordinary way.

Already, precious stones in space is said to be framed when space rocks impact. Affect vitality of carbon iotas covered together to make precious stones. Be that as it may, along these lines it is difficult to make vast size jewels as in Almahata Sitta


As of now researchers are concentrate two situations for the arrangement of jewels. The main speculation is that the carbon particles themselves steady statement of thin air environment in space, made precious stones.

The second hypothesis, more solid, said that precious stones are made inside a “planetestimal”, objects halfway in size between a space rock and a planet truly.

Planetestimal must exist in the meantime the nearby planetary group shaped, for reasons unknown that it is decimated and Almahata Sitta is a remaining piece.