As per Business Insider, the space rock 2011 UW-158 has a measurement of 510 meters will fly look Earth at a separation of 2.4 million kilometers (6 times the separation amongst Earth and the Moon), tomorrow. Since space rocks flying at a separation so we can not see it with the bare eye.

Underneath the surface of space rock 2011 UW-158 contains a great deal of minerals of platinum, an uncommon mineral on Earth. As per appraisals of the space rock mining organization Planetary Resources, situated in Washington, USA, the space rock center contains 100 million tons of platinum. Its potential estimation of up to US $ 5.4 trillion.

Space experts will have the chance to respect the scene on with the assistance of Slooh, a venture to associate the telescope to people in general Internet, and communicate live pictures from an observatory in Islands Canary, Spain.


“It is constantly extraordinary to have a look space rock our reality. Huge stores of platinum covered up in the space rock will be abused one day, not long from now,” the cosmic Bob Berman, said.

Space rocks misuse will turn into the business to a great degree successful for associations like Space Agency US (NASA). NASA trusts “capture” a space rock and bring it into space around the moon, and make conditions for future space explorers to visit it and gather tests toward the start of 2025.

NASA said the solidified material on the space rock can be utilized as a part of building the structure in space, or make rocket fuel us to investigate the nearby planetary group in the XXI century.