Jupiter to a position straightforwardly to the sun than Earth

This position is the most close Earth Jupiter in its circle and its lit up part toward Earth most. The onlooker ought to bolster novice telescopes to watch the greatest planet close planetary system on this event. The marvel occurred on 5/1.

Mars to the area specifically to the sun than Earth

8/4 days, at most areas close earth circle, the planet will permit sky partners to watch it with a telescope. With the stripped eye, the watcher can see Mars, and Jupiter’s brilliance as above, however they are not altogether bigger than regular.


This meteor give is little just around 20 meteors for each hour even in moderately perfect conditions. The wonder happens on 22, 23/4 and agrees with the season of the finish of the month so half moon moonlight will meddle in no little for the eyewitness.

Estimated time of arrival Aquarids

Meteor shower this medium can permit watched more than 50 meteors for every hour under conditions permitting. Arranged close to the start of the lunar month, so if the climate does not change the exceptional marvels can be very simple to watch. The perfect time is after 12 pm on 5 6/5 first light.

Saturn to a position specifically on the sun through earth

This position permits the spectator can see Saturn clearest. In the event that you have a telescope, watchers ought not miss the chance to watch the planet and its fascinating belt on 10/5.

Moving toward Mars moon in the sky

Two divine light of the night sky just around 2 degrees divided in the sky. This was not an uncommon wonder, but rather it is outstanding splendid spot when watchers watch the sky after dusk this day. The marvel occurred on 7/6.

Delta Aquarids meteor shower

Little meteor shower of the year on 28, 29/7. Be that as it may, last July, mostly overcast sky and no moon ought to be hampered positive conditions for perception.


Perseids meteor shower

One of the two biggest meteor shower of the year is more often than not up to a thickness of more than 60 meteors for each hour, which come full circle on October 12, 13/8. In 2014, the nearness of the moon will cover part of the meteors will show up. Be that as it may, if the cloudless, it would even now be worth cosmic marvels saw in the year. (Perseids 2013)